Family of Tigers fans needs your help to find cherished Clemson hat lost at football game

Clemson fan family needs your help to find cherished Clemson hat lost at football game. (Source: Emily Poetz)

It's been passed down in the family for years.

Emily Whitaker Poetz said her son Ryan lost a pretty unique hat at the Clemson vs. Citadel game on Saturday. It's very special to him.

In a Facebook post, Poetz shared a photo of the hat, which she says was a gift from his grandfather:

Poetz told FOX Carolina her husband actually purchased the hat as a Clemson student about 18 years ago. Her husband's father really liked it, and ended up taking it for himself.

For the next 16 seasons, Poetz's father-in-law brought it and wore it every time he came from Charleston to a Clemson game. Last season, she said her son Ryan really liked it, so his grandfather passed it on to him.

Ryan's worn the prized Clemson cap at every game since, said Poetz.

Now, fast forward to Saturday.

Emily said that as her husband and sons were leaving the football field after the Clemson game, Ryan noticed that the hat was missing. She said she was just hoping someone picked it up, either intending to look for its owner, or thinking they were saving a cool hat from being thrown in the trash.

While Poetz says the hat's only real value is sentimental, she says her son Ryan would still really love to be reunited with it.

On Sunday, Poetz said someone had messaged her and offered to send their identical hat to her son Ryan, to which she accepted. If the original comes home, however, she said she will return that other hat.

Anyone who may have a clue about the original hat's whereabouts is encouraged to contact Emily Poetz at

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