Maci Hyman

Little Maci Hyman needs a perfect bone marrow match to help her fight MDS. (Family photo/ February 28, 2019)

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - Maci Hyman is tougher than most 13-month-old girls.

"The entire time she has been one feisty little girl,” her mother, Hailie Hyman described, “She's definitely a fighter."

Her mother says her daughter is in the fight for her life right now. She was diagnosed with a rare illness about a month ago.

"All her blood counts started dropping and changing,” she said, “They decided to do the bone marrow biopsy. A complication arose. The doctor came back and said it was MDS."

Maci was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome. It disrupts the bone marrow production of Maci's healthy blood cells in her body. Often it is a precursor to leukemia.

Hailie says they don't know what the future holds for their daughter. MDS can be life threatening in some cases. Maci has already had several serious complications over the last few weeks. Doctors told Hailie there is one hopeful treatment for Maci.

"Basically, that's the only cure they have for it. Is the bone marrow transplant,” explained Hailie, “If it takes.”

Like so many, Maci needs a perfect match bone marrow donor. The family created this page, “Maci Strong,” to get the word out. They've already had about 300 people sign up to see if they're a match, but no luck.

“We're looking for the perfect match. Perfect tissue match,” explained Hailie, “That's the only thing that will basically cure her. That's her only chance right now.”

The family is asking people sign up on be BeTheMatch in hopes of finding someone to potentially be Maci's miracle.


In March, Hailie got the call from BeTheMatch saying Maci had several 10/10 matches.


Those matches will have to go through a screening process, but the Hymans hope to have a bone marrow transplant scheduled in the coming weeks.

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