SIX MILE, SC (Fox Carolina) - Peak strawberry season in South Carolina is usually from April until June.
Strawberries not ripe

Farmer says the berries are ready yet for peak season.

However, this year, results from the pandemic has delayed the strawberry harvest at one farm in Six Mile.
The berries at Mile Creek Farms are looking green instead of the deep, red we're used to, says owner Rodney Morton.
"Last year, we had them coming in around March. So, that was good," Morton said.
This year, he says, it's going to be a few more weeks before they'll see ripe strawberries.
"We usually plant probably the second week in October, but this time it was more toward the end of October on account of we couldn't get the plugs from Canada. They shut the greenhouses down on account of COVID. So, it put us about three weeks behind on planting," said Morton.
And Morton says it affects their pockets as well.
:The strawberries, that's the first thing that comes in the Springtime. So, that's where you kind of generate your money from. So, it kind of hurts a little bit, but we got through it," Morton said.
His wife, Jennifer, who co-owns and helps manage Mile Creek Farms Market, says their members are also waiting.
"It does affect the store. We have a CSA community supportive agriculture. And our members are looking forward to the CSA to begin," Jennifer said.
Clemson's horticulture representative said many farmers get their plants from Canada. So, it could be a common issue for strawberry farmers. Not to mention, the up and down weather doesn't help either. 
Morton says he's bouncing back, and the berries will only be about two to three weeks later than usual, if there are no more cold snaps.
Mile Creek Farms is family-owned and pesticide-free.

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