FDA proposal to ban flavored E-cigarettes heats up

FDA proposal to ban E-cigarette flavors heats up. (FOX Carolina/ Sept. 12, 2019).

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) J.D. Miller used to be a smoker.

“I smoked for the better part of five years," Miller said.

However, now Miller vapes.

“I’ve lost over 60 pounds, my breathing’s gotten better, I can taste better," he said.“The best thing about is I don’t smell like stink sticks all day.”

He's the social media manager at Vapor Lounge in Greenville County and an advocate for using E-cigarettes.

When customers walk into the Vapor Lounge customers can choose from dozens of flavors like Cherry Bomb, Code Red, and Skittles.

“We know what’s in them, it’s propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavorings, plus nicotine," Miller said.

Doctors say studies show vaping can be dangerous- even deadly.

“It’s been about six deaths recently that has been associated with E-cigarettes. And people aren’t really sure what causes the issue," Dr. Trey Chandler said.

He's a cardiologist with Prisma Healthcare.

“The flavoring has an acetate in it that can potentially harm the lungs, so that’s a possibility. Also, there’s a possibility heavy metals that are in it," Chandler said.

That's why there's a push by President Donald Trump and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to pull flavored E-cigs off shelves, which contain nicotine.

“It’s really about educating those young kids and young adults," Kelly Wilkins said.

She's the executive director with the American Heart Association in Greenville and she's working to stop a proposed state law as it heads to the Senate.

“Right now the House of Representatives has a passed a bill that would protect the vaping and cigarette industry," Wilkins said.

She says E-cig flavors target children and teenagers and studies show an increase in underage vaping.

“It shows that 1 and 5 teens actually have said that have used E-cigarettes over the past month," Wilkins said.

Now, every time Miller inhales, he says he's relieved he's not taking a puff.

“They’re not killing people. This isn’t hurting you and it’s flavored air at the end of the day," Miller said.

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