Fortnite frenzy hits the Upstate

Fortnite Frenzy hits the Upstate. (FOX Carolina/ August 6, 2018).

Joseph Owens wanted to stop into Video Game Cavern in Taylors to see what's new on the shelf. However, there's one game he can't seem to get enough of.

"I play with my brother and my best friend," Owens said.

He's 15 and headed to high school, but right now his mind is on the video game Fortnite.

"You get to play with your friends, I mean you're going against 100 different people," he said.

He's one of 125 million players. The Fortnite Frenzy prompted parents to post on Facebook about their children's addiction. Anthony Davila says his son plays for hours.

"They talk about it constantly," Davila said.

He says it's okay as long as there's a balance.

"If it keeps him out of trouble, he has a good time with his friends and then at the same time go out to the lake and do stuff like that too," Davila said.

The video game is similar to the movie Hunger Games.

"You start off- there's 100 people that drop onto a small little island and it's the last person alive is the winner," Austin Bell said.

He's the founder of Southeast Game Exchange and hosts gaming festivals.

"I personally love the game myself. I play, my wife plays, a lot of friends play," Bell said."The celebrity community as well as a lot of the major league sports have all jumped onto this Fortnite craze."

Coaches with Major League Baseball (MLB) are asking players to manage how much they play Fortnite. This comes after David Price, a Boston Red Sox pitcher, sprained his wrist from playing too much Fortnite. Some parents are also concerned because school starts soon.

"The biggest thing is setting boundaries and so we know we know it's going to be very difficult when you go from playing six hours a day to school and homework and extracurriculars," Dr. Caitlin McLear said.

She's a psychologist with Synergy Psych in Greenville. She says parents should create a screen-time contract with their children.

"Homework has to be done, chores have to be done," McLear said."You don't win all the time in Fortnite and so you want to keep playing and keep playing because you want that sensation of being rewarded- you want that win."

For Joseph Owens, he knows soon Fortnite has to be shutdown.

"He's going to focus on his studies. It's a whole new world out there for high school."

There will be a gaming tournament held August 18-19. The Fortnite Tournament will be held August 18 at the Greenville Shrine Club. The winner will receive a cash payout. For more information click here.

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