Rabbits rescued in rescue turned hoarding situation

PICKENS, SC (FOX CAROLINA) - Four animal rescues came together to remove more than 100 rabbits from a rescue-turned-hoarding site in Pelzer, South Carolina. 

According to one of the rescues Bunny Brigade SC, Inc. (BBSC), on Friday, May 7 they along with Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission (WARM), Pipsqueakery, and Bunny Puff's Exotic Refuge rescued rabbits from the site within 48 hours.

BBSC says the rescue unexpectedly posted for someone to come and get all the rabbits from their site.

BBSC's Facebook post mentions there were newborn babies, adults, injured, and disabled and paralyzed rabbits. They also say the rabbits were bloated with mites, worms, injuries, infections, and matted fur.

The site was improper and had inadequate housing that was not preventing unaltered males from mating with females says BBSC.  

BBSC said this statement in the Facebook post:

We all know what it is like to take on more than we can handle, and no rescue is perfect. We all make mistakes. HOWEVER, we should put the health and safety of the animals we rescue before all else, and if that's not possible, we should reach out for help instead of shutting down everyone's repeated offers to assist within the past few years.

That being said, I know you guys are already aware of much of the unnecessary drama and accusations. The important thing to us at BBSC is that the BUNNIES ARE SAFE.

We ask that you keep the comments civil out of respect for the previous "rescue" that has now shut down.

We also ask that you do whatever you can to prevent this organization from ever operating in this manner again. A few other rescues involved in the pull have released statements as well, and we encourage you to support them as this is a huge burden that none of us were expecting this month.

We WILL need a lot of help with these additional rabbits, especially during the peak of wild cottontail season - we have close to 200 wild cottontail intakes so far and it is only May. We will post what we need later this week from fosters to supplies, but for now, we wanted to update you.

Thank you, BBSC family, for standing behind us as we welcome and care for our new babies.

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