GAFFNEY, SC (FOX Carolina) What would normally be a sea of gold and black at a Gaffney High School baseball game was orange Thursday night.

The team dedicated their season to Judd Gardner who died right before birth from rare liver condition known as Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, ICP, in October.

"Oh gosh it's been unbelievable really!" explained mother, Allison Gardner.

Over the last few weeks, orange shirts have been purchased by players, students and fans. Those proceeds are being donated to ICP research. Gardner says they have raised about $4,000 through donations and shirts. On Thursday, fans and team members wore their orange jerseys, all with the hashtag #juddslegacy on the back.

"It's been wonderful,” said Gardner, “The amount of shirts we sold was incredible and the money we raised. I feel like this is just the beginning of what we're going to do."

The Gardners hope to start their own non-profit one day in honor of their son Judd. Gaffney High School’s baseball coach, Jeff Osment says it’s a game his team always looks forward to playing, but this year is extra special.

"I think it's going to be fun for the kids,” explained Coach Osment, “I think it's a great opportunity to get a message out. I hope it helps Brandon and Allison and their family."

On Wednesday, Allison told us "I'm going to be feeling all kinds of emotions tomorrow. They told us we get to throw the first pitch out. When we heard that, I got all emotional."

Gardner says she can’t thank those that have supported their family through all of this enough.

She said, "To see people come together for the better of humankind, that's incredible!"

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