Atlanta mayor issues executive order to establish Office of Inspector General

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has issued an executive order to establish a new city office.

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    ATLANTA, Ga. (WGCL) -- Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has issued an executive order to establish a new city office.

Mayor Lance Bottoms' executive order will create the Office of Inspector General.

“What we heard from the Task Force for the Promotion of Public Trust’s final recommendation was the need for the Office of Inspector General,” said Mayor Bottoms in a press release. “The Inspector General will serve as an independent set of eyes, ears and teeth to root out misconduct and waste in a manner that is completely separate from any political influence.”

In her Executive Order to create that office, Mayor Bottoms said the position must contain the following elements:

1. That the Office be independent from the Mayor and the Atlanta City Council;

2. That the Office shall be governed by an independent board with the authority to conduct administrative appeals and to appoint and remove Inspector General, the City Auditor, and the City Ethics Officer, rather than by an administrative investigatory board;

3. That the Office shall have broad jurisdiction to seek out fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, and misconduct;

4. That the Office shall have budgetary protection;

5. That the Office shall contain the functions and operations of the current Independent Compliance Officer, the City Auditor and the City Ethics Office while preserving the independence of the appointment of the City Auditor and City Ethics Officer;

6. That the position of the Inspector General shall be appointed by a fixed term of appointment with removal only for cause;

7. That it is preferred that the Inspector General be an attorney;

8. That the Inspector General shall have direct subpoena power; and

9. That the Inspector General shall have authority over the administration, management and direction of the affairs and operations of the Office of the Inspector General including the authority to appoint and remove all of any of the personnel assigned to such office except for the City Auditor and City Ethics Officer, which should remain independently appointed.

The executive order is latest move by Mayor Lance Bottoms to enhance transparency and accountability in city government.

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