Bryant Road

Potholes on Bryant Road in Spartanburg.

We take a look at problems regarding this road and work on Getting Answer about what officials plan to do about it

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) - "Getting Answers" is learning about issues on Bryant Road this week.
The road runs from Chesnee Highway to Old Furnace Road. The worst parts of the road seem to be the potholes from the Valero gas station to Chesnee Highway.
David Thompson lives in a neighborhood off of Bryant Road.
"It hasn't done anything but get worse," Thompson said.
He says the road conditions have even damaged his car.
"The Valero is really rough. There's a spot right there," Thompson said, "And it's on the right-hand side of the road, that is. And that's the one that we messed the rim up on."
Midge Murry also lives off of the roadway.
"The car bounces and shimmies when you come over it. It's extremely rough; even in the better parts of it," Murry said.
The ownership of the road is split in half. According to Pete Poore with the state's Department of Transportation, Highway 221 to Business 85 is owned by the state. And I-85 to Old Furnace Road is owned by Spartanburg County. The county side seems to have the worst of the potholes. Murry says the patching doesn't work.
"The ones that didn't get patched have gotten bigger, and deeper, and a lot worse," Murry said.
Still, there are potholes scattered about as you head toward the Boiling Springs Youth Athletic Association.
"I've been lucky to know where they're at, so I can swing around them, but if you've got oncoming traffic, you have to hit that pothole," said Murry.
There is one section that is smoother. And that's the part of the road where there's a bridge that crosses over the interstate. However, once you pass it; the potholes start again.
"I'd like to see it paved," Murry said.
Fox Carolina reached out to the Spartanburg County Roads and Bridges Department multiple times via voicemail and email. No one has gotten back to us yet. We'll keep trying.
SCDOT says the state side is under contract. And they're set to start work on it late summer. Thompson hopes it will work this time.
"They patched them up. And They just come back open, or it ends up breaking back down and getting back bad again or even worse," Thompson said.
He's hoping the entire road will be paved.
"I think they just need to totally re-do it. And just go over it. I know it'd be a headache or a traffic issue, but it needs to be re-done," Thompson said.
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