GHS Prisma Health launches new Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Program

Dr. Alan Anderson and 3-year-old Ky'Lanii Gambrell, who suffers from sickle cell disease, during a checkup at GHS Prisma Health Upstate. (FOX Carolina/ November 19, 2019).

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) On Tuesday, 3-year-old Ky'Lanii Gambrell got a check-up. However, on September 23, things didn't look so good.

"That was probably the worst day, time, moment of my life. To literally watch my child's body go lifeless," Anjannette Gambrell-Rodgers said.

She's Ky'Lanii's mother and says her daughter had a series of high fevers, then became really sick.

"She was looking at me, but she didn't respond to me. So, I immediately called 911," Gambrell-Rodgers said.

When they got to GHS Prisma Health in Greenville, doctors told her Ky'Lanii had a heart attack triggered by sickle cell disease. Doctors diagnosed Ky'Lanii with the disease at two weeks old.

"I just brought her home and I get the phone call and it was just heartbreaking," Gambrell-Rodgers said.

Doctors treated her for more than 14 days and released her from the hospital.

"The doctors and nurses here were so on top of everything with her," Gambrell-Rodgers said with a smile.

Ky'Lanii is part of the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Program at GHS Prisma Health, which focuses on treatment, disease modification, and preventative care. Dr. Alan Anderson is the medical director with the program.

"We wanted to not only provide the great care that we're providing for our children with Sickle Cell Disease, but also extend that to adults and improve their outcomes and quality of life," Anderson said.

He says sick cell is an inherited disorder of red blood cells that change shape, like a sickle, when they get stressed.

"The change in shape is going to block the flow of oxygen and that can cause damage to any part of the body," Anderson said.

Some of the effects are bone pain and destruction of organs.

However, with support from the program, Gambrell-Rodgers says Ky'Lanii is doinig just fine.

"It was just like a beautiful rainbow after a storm, she just flourished," she said.

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