GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX CAROLINA) Cassandra Johnson said in her 62 years she has never spent a day in jail. It wasn't until Monday morning, she found herself inside the Greenville County Detention Center. 

"They threw me,they threw me on this porch and how did I feel?" Johnson asked crying.  "I felt scared!" 

Greenville police officers were on her front porch around 5 a.m on Monday. Officers said they were assisting another agency with an arrest warrant. The warrant was for her son, Julius Johnson. 

Johnson said she told officers Julius has never lived at the residence. Officers said they continuously asked to come into the home to search. Johnson asked for a search warrant, however, police explained an arrest warrant was sufficient in this case. 

Johnson said when she wouldn't move aside, the officers threw her on the ground and handcuffed her. She said her other son, Jermaine Johnson, was home and was yelling at the officers that his mother has stage four cancer. 

"All I could think about was to be calm. Don't fight em so I laid there and I looked at my son, and said don't fight them," Johnson said. 

Donald Porter with the Greenville Police Department said officers acted in accordance with protocol and used minimal force. 

"The reality is that this situation could have been completely prevented if the Johnson's had simply allowed the officers to do their lawful job of executing a court-ordered arrest warrant," Donald Porter said.  

Officers say as they began to enter the doorway, Ms. Johnson resisted their advance by attempting to close the door. However, GPD says the officer placed his foot in the doorway. GPD says she then pushed one officer out of the doorway. At that time, the officer pulled her out and gave her to other officers, who guided her to the ground. GPD further says Ms. Johnson continued to physically resist officers as she was on the porch being taken into custody.

Community activist Bruce Wilson said the encounter is unacceptable and he wants the body camera footage to be released. 

"This should never happen it should stop this was nothing more than excessive force if you look in the dictionary you'll see Miss Johnson's face," Wilson said Thursday morning when he accompanied the Johnson family to City Hall to file a formal complaint. 

Wilson said Johnson was calling for all the body camera videos to be released, which she believes may show using an expletive when speaking about her cancer diagnosis, and said she also hopes to meet with Mayor Knox White concerning the incident.

The Greenville Police Department said Chief Ken Miller would hold a news conference about the incident on Friday morning.

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