Greenville aiming to preserve architectural history

Downtown Greenville. (3/12/18 FOX Carolina)

A historic resources survey is underway in Greenville as the city looks to add more structures to its list of protected properties.

The survey hasn’t been updated since 1981 and District One Council Member Amy Ryberg Doyle says the city wants to add structures that were built between 1945 and 1975. She says the ultimate goal is to make sure potential demolitions to properties of historic relevance are reviewed.Ryberg Doyle says, “If a building is going to be demolished we want to give notice to the public. The community can choose to move the building if they want. Recently in the last 2 years we moved the Wilkins House from Augusta Rd. to Mills Avenue. That was largely community driven. That was public outcry of people saying 'please don’t let us lose this treasure that is part of Greenville’s history and let’s preserve it.'"The 300 structures that are recommended for preservation include Mid-Century Modern commercial office buildings along Stone Avenue along with Bouharon’s and The Marquette. Also on the list are the Heller Home on Pinehurst Drive, the Robertson Mount Vernon House on Ashley Avenue and Stone Academy on Randall Street.

“I think that people understand that when these buildings are gone, they’re gone forever,” says Doyle. “There’s no bringing back the history. There’s no bringing back this architecture. So how do we preserve that?”

To stop unnecessary demolitions of buildings on the protected list, Ryberg Doyle says the public would be notified of demolition requests and possibly have 30 days to respond before a permit would be granted. The exact procedures and policies are still being discussed.

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