Greenville Co. Animal Care saves stray cat from can

(Source: Greenville Co. Animal Care)

Greenville County Animal Care said they never know what they're going to face on any given day.

On Monday, the shelter posted a video on Facebook of a stray cat was found on the streets of Greenville Co. with a can stuck on its head. Luckily, someone brought the cat to Greenville County Animal Care to be freed.

The cat was unharmed and returned safely to the neighborhood where it was found.

There was no name recorded for the cat, but it's ear was tipped meaning it had been spayed or neutered, like all strays in Greenville County.

Ear tipping is the universal sign of a spayed or neutered outdoor cat. The county said it is safe and humane, and an easy identifier that the cat is apart of a managed colony that does not need to be picked up.

This stray cat was unharmed by the can, but Greenville County Animal Care wants to remind everyone: When you feed stray cats, use a bowl instead of just the can. Some deeper cans, like this one, leave the risk of cats getting stuck.


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