Court documents: Greenville Co. sheriff says sex was initiated by woman who filed sexual harassment lawsuit

Sheriff Will Lewis gives statement on lawsuit (Oct. 19, 2017/FOX Carolina)

Greenville County Council is responding to a developing situation involving the head of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office.

A lawsuit filed Monday by a former employee of the Sheriff's Office, Savanah Nabors, accused Sheriff Will Lewis of sexual harassment, sexual assault and violations of Civil Rights.

Lewis held a press conference on Thursday to respond to the allegations, saying he did have a "consensual encounter" outside his marriage but denied all allegations of criminal misconduct.

"I do want to be clear about one thing," Lewis said. "The allegations of rape and stalking, harassment - that's completely, 100 percent false."

READ MORE: Greenville Co. sheriff responds to sexual assault lawsuit: I had a consensual encounter

County council members responded with a statement on Friday, released by county spokesman Bob Mihalic. In the statement, council members said they wanted to reaffirm to the community that the safety of the public is its top priority.

Read the full statement:Given Sheriff Will Lewis’ public admission on October 19, 2017 to his “moral failure,” Greenville County Council wishes to reassure County citizens that the safety of the public and the protection of citizens’ lives and property are its foremost priority.

County Council wants to assure all of the men and women who serve in the Sheriff’s Department that they have the Council’s full support as they continue to perform their duties in protecting the citizens of Greenville County. County Council is confident in their dedication, courage and commitment in carrying out their mission.Copyright 2017 FOX Carolina (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.?

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