Greenville County Council held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the lawsuit against Sheriff Will Lewis.

A lawsuit filed in October by Savanah Nabors, a former employee of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office, accuses Lewis of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Lewis held a press conference where he denied the criminal allegations, but admitted to a "consensual encounter" outside his marriage. Lewis and general counsel for the Greenville County Sheriff's Office requested the State Law Enforcement Division investigate the case independently.

In a special meeting on Tuesday, the counsel unanimously passed a resolution calling on the sheriff to voluntarily resign.

Councilman Bob Taylor said he supported the resolution as the council has "lost confidence in the sheriff's ability to fulfill his duties" based on his confession regarding the affair.

The resolution was met with applause when the meeting was adjourned.


WHEREAS, Greenville County Council is deeply concerned by the circumstances relating to Sheriff Will Lewis’s public admission of his moral failure, infidelity and personal indiscretions; and

WHEREAS, the public expects and deserves their sheriff to be a person possessing and displaying the highest qualities of integrity, honor, leadership, duty and selfless service; and

WHEREAS, providing for public safety is the foremost responsibility of Greenville County Council, and it is County Council’s responsibility to allocate public funds to the sheriff for the operation of the sheriff’s department with the expectation that the public funds entrusted to the sheriff shall be administered properly and directly in providing for public safety; and

WHEREAS, the South Carolina Constitution establishes the office of county sheriff and provides that the sheriff shall be duly elected in a countywide general election and that the sheriff may not be removed from office during a term in which the sheriff was duly elected except as provided for by state law; and

WHEREAS, the state law and Home Rule Act directly limits county council authority over the employment status of the sheriff; and

WHEREAS, given the circumstances publicly admitted to by Sheriff Will Lewis, County Council no longer has confidence and trust in his moral judgment which are essential in leading the personnel under his command, and in carrying out his duties and responsibilities of providing for the safety and protection of the lives and property of Greenville County citizens.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that on behalf of the citizens of Greenville County, Greenville County Council does hereby call upon Sheriff Will Lewis to voluntarily resign from his position as the Sheriff of Greenville County.

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