Greenville Co. deputies need information in 14-year-old cold case

Greenville Co. deputies need information to solve 14-year double homicide case. (FOX Carolina/ Nov. 20, 2017)

Candace Brewer is enduring another year, another candle, and endless tears.

"The phone rings in the middle of the night and you're hoping it's no more bad news," Brewer said.

She says the call she really wants, she has not received.

"This has been 14 years with us having a murderer or murderers on the loose," Brewer said.

However, the call she got 14 years ago, still rings true. On November 19, 2003, someone shot and killed her brother Andra Rosemond and a family friend Raja Louris at a home on Club Road in Greenville County.

"We all died that day Andra got killed," she said.

So, every year she holds a vigil in honor of her brother Andra and friend Raja, and every year she hopes the event will spark a memory and brighten someone's heart to tell what they know.

"We just want closure, it's been too long," she said.

Deputies with the Greenville County Sheriff's Office say it's been too long, too.

"Fourteen years later this case is very much so on our radar," Brewer said.

Sgt. Ryan Flood with the sheriff's office attended the vigil.

"This is a case that is unsolved and that's inexcusable. That's nothing our investigators want," Flood said.

And neither does a family who still waits for answers.

Brewer and her family say they will continue to pray for answers.

"We think about him and Raja every single day," Brewer said.

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