Sean Kaiser

Sean Kaiser (Source: Greenville Co. Detention Center)

GREER, SC (FOX Carolina) – The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday, after they released the body camera footage of a deputy-involved shooting that happened in October at a home on Cliffview Court, the deputy wearing that body camera had been disciplined after the incident.

In the video, Captain Tim Brown narrates that the deputy went to the home to follow up on a shoplifting case at the Spinx on Pelham Road at Batesville Road.

It happened on October 20.

When the deputy was at Spinx and saw surveillance video of the suspect, Sean Kaiser, she recognized him as the same man involved in a non-violent domestic disturbance earlier in the day. In that case, Brown said the victim, Kaiser’s mother, had left the house on Cliffview Court after an intoxicated Kaiser had tried to take her purse and go get more beer.

The deputy returned to the house after leaving the Spinx and encountered Kaiser outside.

When she asked Kaiser if he had been at Spinx earlier, he said yes, and then the deputy began reading his Miranda rights. The suspect then went in the house and several tense minutes of footage followed.

About 11-and-a-half minutes into the video, which contains strong language and violence and may be disturbing to some viewers, Kaiser grabs the deputies her wrists and forcefully shoves her backwards.

During the scuffle, the deputy screams for Kaiser to let her go. He replies, “I am stronger than you. I can do whatever I (expletive) want.”

Shortly before the 13-minute mark, when the deputy got free from Kaiser’s grip, she then drew her firearm.

Kaiser’s mother can then be seen hovering over the suspect, until he gets free and then charges toward the deputy.

“As a result, the deputy fires at the suspect, but misses him and unintentionally strikes his mother,” Brown said

The deputy fired a second round which did not hit anyone, but Kaiser then shoved her to the ground and got on top of her. After kicking Kaiser away, backup arrives around 14:21 into the video.

The newly arrived deputy kicks Kaiser down to the ground, losing a shoe in the process, and is able to gain control over the suspect.

The gunshot victim was taken to the hospital. The deputy was also taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion.

Kaiser was charged with resisting arrest, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature on an officer, and shoplifting.

On Thursday, 

Lt. Ryan Flood said the deputy who was wearing the body camera in the video was disciplined after an internal affairs investigation revealed a violation of General Order 229, the sheriff's office's arrest policy.

“The disciplinary action was a counseling and remedial training,” Flood explained."

Flood said the GCSO internal investigation found the deputy did not violate the sheriff's office's use of force protocols.

Flood said she has since been cleared to assume her regular duties after a brief time on administrative duty to ensure her readiness.

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(3) comments


This was horrible to watch! She definitely does not need to be a law officer, there were so many mistakes that she made in this video and she could have prevented this from happening. I would have waited outside for back up. Now, the mother was shot, this could have been deadly!


The female deputy needs more time at the firing range. I understand this is a very stressful situation but she is supposed to be better trained to handle these situations.


really this amounts to not having another deputy to help her subdue this subject . she may have been able to accomplish this arrest using a taser but obviously she is not capable of arresting a subject of this size without assistance . she might rethink her chosen career at this point . her use of deadly force was ineffective at best and nearly fatal to a bystander at worst . the taxpayers will end up paying for this incident .

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