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GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Greenville County Schools said the Board of Trustees voted to make make an appeal to a recent ruling by the South Carolina District Court in a six-year-old case between Greenville County Schools and the American Humanist Association.

The court recently upheld the school district’s position regarding student expression, a GCS spokesperson said in a news release.

The ruling provided a “more specific set of guidelines regarding the inclusion of prayer at graduation ceremonies occurring in the district” that are cause for some concern, according to the school district..

The majority of the nine guidelines in the court decision reflect the school district’s existing practices, but GCS said their legal team took a deep dive into the order and offered legal advice to the GCS Board of Trustees during a special meeting Tuesday.

During that meeting, the Greenville County Schools Board of Trustees voted to challenge a recent court ruling in a six-year-old case between Greenville County Schools and the American Humanist Association.

"Based on a review by District legal counsel, portions of the Injunction contained in the Order shift the District away from its practices of neutrality and instead infringe on student speech by requiring the District to disfavor religious speech as compared to secular speech," GCS spokesperson Beth Brotherton stated in a news release.

"The District is grateful that the South Carolina District Court ruled in our favor pertaining to the primary issue of the case, that students have the right to speak personally at graduation on their chosen topic, whether that contains a narrative on their personal faith journey, secular content, or a prayer," Brotheron added

The school district's concerns will be detailed in a filing with the United States District Court later in the week.

"Because this is active litigation, we will not comment further, "Brotherton said.

MORE INFO: SC District Court hands down ruling on prayer at Greenville County Schools graduations

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