GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Greenville County Schools said they will keep families updated on a week-to-week basis this school year as conditions may change during the school year and have created a new, color-coded calendar to apprise families of which days students will be working at school, and which days students will be learning virtually.

As a part of the new strategy, called “Destination Return to In-Person School,” GCS said they have developed in-person attendance plans to let families know at a glance what each school-week will hold.

GCS said students who select in-person school for the upcoming year will be assigned a specific color based on first letter of their last name. Students whose last name begins with the letters A-D are blue. E-K is red. L-Q is green. R-Z is purple.

“On weeks when conditions permit, all students in all color groups will attend school all five days. But on weeks when different factors come into play (high COVID-19 spread-rate, large number of teacher/student absences, etc.), students in all color groups will either not attend in-person classes or they may attend one day that week, depending on conditions,” said GCS spokesman Tim Waller. “If there is no in-person school, students will participate in eLearning all five days. On weeks when only one day of in-person classes are allowed, students will spend the other four days eLearning.”

“But how will students know which days to show up for school when only one or two days of in-person attendance are allowed?” Waller continued. “That’s where the student color chart comes in. When one day of in-person attendance is permitted, students who have been assigned the color blue will attend school on Monday. Red students will attend on Tuesday. Green students on Wednesday. Purple students on Thursday. Students will engage in eLearning on days they are not in school. Students in ALL color-groups will eLearn on Fridays.  “ 

On weeks when two days of in-person attendance are permitted, blue and red students will attend school on Monday, green and purple students on Tuesday, blue and red again on Wednesday and green and purple again on Thursday, Waller said.

Students will take part in eLearning on days they are not in the classroom and all students will eLearn on Fridays.

The school district is also offering a fully virtual schooling option for the upcoming school year.

MORE: Greenville Co. Schools to offer virtual schooling option for 2020-2021 school year

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