Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

GREENWOOD COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) - An upstate school could soon be named after civil rights activist Dr. Benjamin E. Mays.

Mays was born in greenwood county and he's considered a hometown hero.

The school board will vote monday on the proposal to rename the Springfield Elementary in Greenwood District 50 school, Dr. Benjamin E Mays Elementary.

This change would be reflecting the civil rights icon, minister and mentor to several presidents as well as to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Christopher Thomas, director of the GLEAMNS Dr. Benjamin E Mays historical site, says, "I think if it is not the school it should be a school and he should have a name after him."I don’t think any South Carolinians, not just a person from Greenwood, has made the contributions to American life like Dr. Mays it so I think that it will be a great honor for him to have a school named after him in the county of his birth."

Anne Marie Glawe says, "The story of Dr. Mays needs to be told. He is a teacher of Dr. King and he is a local hometown hero from Greenwood."

Glawe is a teacher for gifted students at Springfield Elementary.

She was honored by the GLEAMNS Dr. Benjamin E Mays historical site for doing her part in preserving his legacy. She does that by making sure her students know the significance of his work.

Glawe believes, "that god put you in the place you were supposed to be in and this is our place and this is their time to share the life of this incredible man from Greenwood, South Carolina."

They say his life is one that we can all learn from.

Thomas believes, "Dr. May's tenacity certainly have to have tenacity to achieve the things that he did coming from where he came from as he said the poor boy from the backwoods of South Carolina and rise from there. To literally have three presidents in your lifetime call on you for advice and counsel- It is a fantastic story."

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