Notices to Vacate given to 21 Greenwood Families

GREENWOOD COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) - Twenty-one families are searching for a new place to live in the next month. This includes 15 children who were set to go back to school in just four days.

They were given a notice to vacate. One of the property owners told us today that she is working to give them more time, but the residents hope it’s enough to relocate.

We spoke with residents who are renting mobile homes and those who own their homes but rent the land.

The renters we spoke with say they just don't have the means to save enough for a deposit in this time frame. They are hoping for 2-3 months. The people who own their homes say they need 3-6 months to find a new lot.

Sylvia Clemons, a mobile home renter says, "You know you were saving money because you know you’re going to move. If you know you’re not paying your rent, you know you’re going to move to. We had no idea."

No idea that last Thursday they would receive notices that stated that they would be given until September 15th to leave the Mulberry Subdivision on Hwy. 25 in Greenwood County.

Barbara McGill, a home owner, says, "even to offer some of these families money but at the very least offer them time because I want to repeat myself when I say we haven’t done anything wrong."

One letter that was placed on their door on the 8th was delivered by Uptown Property Rentals, who manages the property for one of the owners Elaine Barnette. According to Barnette's attorney, another party also owns some of the property where some residents rent their home or rent the lot.

Yesterday, They received another letter from the owner herself saying she realizes that they need more time and there will be an announcement to that affect in the near future.

Elora Turner, who owns her home, say "I’m scared. How can I go make a land purchase right this very minute and knowing that it is not going to be ready for three months to be able to move my home on there and I going to have my home in three months because she could take my home for me if I don’t move it off her property. If she is not going to give me the time to move it off of her property to a place that is going to actually work for us we are talking about Still moving out of county."

A County councilman I spoke with says that he doesn't want them to to leave the county either... There are 10 families with 15 children who attend Hodges Elementary School with just 4 days until they were suppose to go back.

Their parents are concerned about starting the year off with the uncertainty about their future here in Hodges.

Turner says, "we don’t want to move out of County. I love Hodges Elementary it is the best school you can ever ask for. Our kids have gone there since the beginning and my daughter is starting off this school year with a disability that she has a brace and it means a lot for her to be surrounded by people she knows and loves and already cares about her."

Turner's talking about her daughter who was diagnosed with scoliosis over the Summer break and now wears this back brace and she says that this process will be tedious and she is hoping for more time to get her kids settled.

"It runs between 3 to 6 months To get a piece of land set up, closed on, get the well and septic tank set up with permits. Then those dug out. And then the house moved out there and set up and after the house Has been moved that still puts us out of a place to live for up to two weeks if not longer while they actually look it up and have the house inspected," says Turner.

I spoke with one of the owners today who referred me to her attorney. That lawyer said we will learn more in the coming days about how much time residents will be given.

The Greenwood school district says they will connect families with any community resources available to help with the transition for the children who are going back to school on the 19th.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise money for the families to help with the cost of relocation. 

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