Prescription drug take-back day in the Upstate

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After years of playing football for the Clemson Tigers and various NFL teams, Christian Chancellor Sr. knows what it’s like to push your body past its limits.

"I've been playing since I was about 6 or 7,” explained Chancellor, “It takes a beating. It takes a toll, all those years and the amount of hours you have to put in."

Like many players, he dealt with injuries and he still has scars on his ankle.

"Right there and right there because they had to go in and do the surgery,” he said as he pointed at his scars.

Chancellor was given pain medication post-surgery and was done with them shortly after surgery.

According to Dr. Dwight Jacobus, many people dealing with pain keep taking opioids even when they don’t need the medications. With thousands of people dying every year because of opioid overdoses, Jacobus says there are other ways to manage pain.

According to Jacobus, many patients aren’t aware there are alternatives to prescription medications. It’s why he along with the staff at the Saltz Medical Spa are hosting "Take a Stand Against Opioid Addiction."

"From physical therapy, manipulation,” described Dr. Jacobus, “Injection therapy and range of motion."

As for Chancellor, he hopes more in the community will raise awareness for a problem that affects so many and has killed thousands every year.

"Just to let people know that their voices can be heard," he said. "There's always places you can get help."

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