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HONEA PATH, SC (FOX Carolina) -- A local Upstate baseball team is headed to a national tournament and needs your help getting there!

This big accomplishment is a first and their parents are doing everything they can to make sure this is a trip to remember for the kids who worked so hard to win the state championship. 

This all-star baseball team is making history for the upstate. They are headed to Louisiana to play in the Dixie Youth World Series.

"They are the first team to make it all the way through the state tournament, the first team from honey a path to ever go to the Dixie youth World Series and so it really is a very special opportunity for our boys." the parents said. 

Their parents say they've worked hard to get here.

"They never give up. They are committed, they are determined they always give their best effort and even when we are way down in the game they come out fighting heart ready to win and it’s really worked."

It worked landing them a spot at the championship.

"It is not their skill that is getting them there it is God and what he has given them and they are able to use their abilities to show others his love and show them in their lives" the parents added.

Avery Ashley says it wasn't always a perfect road to get to this moment.  

Ashley says, "when we make a bad throw or something and something happens, we will talk it up and say it’s all right, shake it off. We’ll get it next time."

Now this team is celebrating, because they are headed to the Dixie Youth World Series in Louisiana. 

"It was awesome and everybody started jumping around. [They were] Piling on people and yelling and the parents were crying and the coach… Well one coach was crying." a 9-year-old Avery Ashley said.

This Honea Path team won a sportsmanship award as well and they say they plan on taking that same attitude to Louisiana to win it all. 

They are proud to be representing their small town of Honea Path. 

"It just shows that this team can fight and it shows that we can work together and a small town make a big difference. We did not do this just to have fun and play, we did this to represent our town and represent what God has given us. As long as we have the support the far there will go," says Avery. 

They have a gofundme where they are collecting donations to help them get to the World Series.

They are also hosting a community church service on Wednesday July 24th at 7 pm at field on Louisiana Street in Honea Path.

Burger King will be hosting a fundraiser in the coming weeks as well.

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