48 Hour Challenge: Experts say kids go missing on purpose


It's a new game circulating on Facebook called the "48 Hour Challenge."

The challenge encourages kids go missing for two days and the goal is to get attention on social media. The more the child is mentioned as "missing" online, the more "points" they get. Upstate parents were shocked when they caught wind of what the challenge is all about.

"It's kind of scary that kids are doing that, and they get points for being mentioned on the internet for missing," Rick Floyd said.

Floyd was in law enforcement for twenty years, but has since turned to internet safety for Greenville County Schools.

"You can't take it lightly, even if you think it is something else or if their friend mentioned it's just a game. They're still missing and they're juveniles, and you still have to look for them and spend just as much time and money as it takes to find them," Floyd said.

Parents like Bill Price were shocked by the news of the challenge, explaining it would be a parent's worst nightmare.

"You're also taking away from the genuine cases of kids that may actually be missing and in danger, and instead law enforcement is going to be chasing their tails, so to speak, trying to find kids that are playing a game," Price said.

Floyd said the challenge started overseas, and added that the internet has no boundaries. He is encouraging parents in the Upstate to talk with children ahead of time about the dangers of the two day challenge.

So far, there have been no reports of children in the area taking part in the "48 Hour Challenge," according to Greenville County Sheriff's Office.

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