At FOX Carolina, we are dedicated to the community, which includes both viewers and businesses. If you have a question or wish to voice a concern about anything we are doing, send it to our general e-mail account by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question for FOX Carolina, consider checking our Frequently Asked Questions section for the answer. Chances are your question is in the list. Click here to access our FAQs.

News Tips, Story Ideas Or Press Releases

If you have a news tip, story idea or press release, there are three ways to contact FOX Carolina News. Our preferred way for you to send us a tip, idea or release is via e-mail at Second, you can click here to use a web-based form for text only submissions. Third, you may fax the information to the newsroom at 864-987-1219. Finally, you may call the newsroom at 864-213-2121.

The FOX Fuss

Whether you want to sound off about a story you saw on FOX Carolina News or vent about a problem you have, your opinion counts. Click here to send your comments to the FOX Fuss.

Contacting Specific Departments Human Resources: For questions about job openings at FOX Carolina, contact our Human Resources Director Leigh Champion by clicking here.

News: For questions or comments about The Morning News, The Four O'Clock News, The Ten O'Clock News or FOX Carolina News Tonight at 11, contact our News Director Kelly Boan by clicking here.

Engineering: For questions or comments about technical issues like reception, digital signal, etc., contact our Chief Engineer Bob Munyon by clicking here.

Creative Services: For questions or comments about contests seen on FOX Carolina, or commercial production issues, contact our Creative Services Director Robert Dwyer by clicking here.

Sales: For questions about how to advertise on FOX Carolina or on, contact our Director of Sales Seth Rosenthal by clicking here.

Website: For questions or comments about anything on, contact Dal Kalsi by clicking here.

  • General Contact Information Main: (864)288-2100
  • Main Fax: (864)297-0728
  • News: (864)213-2121
  • News Fax: (864)987-1219
  • Sales: (864)213-2126

If you would prefer to mail a letter to the station, the address is:

WHNS-TV21 Interstate Court

Greenville, South Carolina 29615

Closed Captioning Concerns, Complaints

For concerns about closed captioning on FOX Carolina please contact our hot line at 864-288-2100 or by email at

You may also fax your concern to 864-297-0728. FOX Carolina will make every effort to respond or otherwise resolve your inquiry within 24 hours, or one business day.

Click here for more information on sending closed captioning complaints.