Hundreds rally at Statehouse in support of Heartbeat Bill

Pro-life supporters want South Carolina senators to ban abortion. (FOX Carolina/ January 15, 2020).

COLUMBIA, SC (FOX Carolina) Hundreds came with signs and stickers and a message close to their hearts.

“I can come out here and speak for the many children who don’t have a voice," Sharon Williams said.

She's a pro-life supporter and wants abortions in South Carolina banned.

“I was forced actually into an abortion when I was 14 years old," Williams said.

She along with hundreds of others are at the Statehouse in Columbia to support the Heartbeat Bill, a proposal that would ban abortions if a doctor hears a fetal heartbeat.

“There’s guilt and shame involved a lot of times when people have abortions," Williams said.

Pro-life supporters want senators to pass the bill.

“This is going to be either the 11th or 12th state in our nation if we pass this bill and it becomes law here," Joshua Putnam said.

He's the president of the organization Palmetto Family, a group that works with the pro-life community.

“The next step is just to have pro-life people all across the state message and call their senators and tell them that they value life and they want to see this bill sent to the governor’s desk," Putnam said.

There are exceptions to the bill regarding the life of a mother during an emergency, however, there is still a debate over if the bill will also apply to rape and incest.

“It requires a deal of more studying," Sen. Karl Allen D- Greenville County said.

Allen says right now Roe V. Wade, which allow a woman to choose an abortion is the law of the land and he wants to review proposed amendments to the Heartbeat Bill.

“One of the amendments requires a police report in order to meet the requirements of this bill, by someone for example that has been raped, someone that has been a victim of domestic violence," Allen said.

For Williams, she says women are just as much victims as children with no voice.

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Exceptions for women pregnant by rape or incest should be part of the bill. It's a tough call for legislators. Let's be compassionate to protect the child-to-be and a woman who becomes pregnant by force.

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