I-385 shooting victim speaks after early morning shooting


It was supposed to be Tyler Goad’s second day of work Wednesday. His shift started at 5 a.m., and work was about a 45 minute drive from his Enoree home, so he had to be on the road by 4 a.m.

"Hopped in my car and went to get gas and hit I-385,” Goad said.

About 30 minutes later, Goad says he passed a white Toyota car near Highway 417. He says the man driving that car then got right on Goad’s bumper to the point he says he couldn’t see their headlights.

"I slowed down and switched into the center lane,” explained Goad. “I guess at the same time he had the same idea. To avoid from hitting me, he had to cut the wheel back hard left to get back into the left-hand lane."

Goad says what happened next was beyond anything he expected.

"As he went past me, he started shooting at my car and me,” Goad said.

Goad says he pulled off and called 911 immediately while the driver went down I-385.

"Noticed I had a bullet sized hole in my pants,” said Goad, “I reached hand in between my pants and sweats and came out with a hand full of blood."

Greenville County Sheriff's investigators say the shooter was driving either a white Toyota Corolla or Camry. They’re asking for the public’s help as there were not many drivers on the roadway that early Wednesday morning to identify the shooter.

"Because of the nature of the incident,” said Sgt. Ryan Flood with GCSO. “The fact that there were shots fired on the interstate where people heavily travel on a daily basis...it's very alarming and concerning to us."

Goad's car was struck three times by the gunfire. One of those bullets struck him in the hip, and he was taken to the hospital. He says doctors won't remove the bullet because they fear it will cause him more tissue damage right now.

"It definitely makes you realize how quick your life can be taken..just be over,” explained Goad. “You know, be able to see your kids. My kids almost didn't have a dad yesterday."

Anyone with any information on this shooting that happened early Wednesday morning is being urged to contact the sheriff’s office, or you can remain anonymous by calling CrimeStoppers.

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