Joe Gagnon


Joe Gagnon is a reporter for FOX Carolina News and usually appears on The Morning News, which airs weekdays from 4 to 9 a.m.

Joe grew up in North Providence, R.I., and went to school at the University of Rhode Island, where he graduated with a degree in journalism.

Joe began his career in May 2007 as the assignment editor at WLNE-TV in Providence, R.I. He left Rhode Island in December 2007 to begin his career as a reporter at KKCO-TV in Grand Junction, Colo.

In October 2010, Joe moved to the Upstate of South Carolina and joined FOX Carolina as a reporter.


On the weekends, I love to: Spend time with my wife Summer, watch football, hike, bike, snowboard, go out to eat and play video games.

My favorite movie is: "Pulp Fiction."

My favorite kind of music is: Hip-hop and rock.

My favorite food is: Italian.

Hobbies: Video Games and learning to snow board.

Pets: A Chihuahua Aspen and a cat named Yumba.

Most Memorable Story: It had to have been a story I was assigned in the small town of Fruita, Colo. The story itself was neat; however, to get to where we had to go involved sitting on the very edge of a Blackhawk helicopter. I should also mention I am terrified of heights! I think I may have had a mild heart attack.

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