BOILING SPRINGS, SC (FOX Carolina) - The community is grieving following the death of Kylen Medlock. According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, he was killed in a car crash Saturday, on Little Mountain Road and Hampton Road.

We spoke with his homeroom teacher, Amy Crenshaw, at Hendrix Elementary School Monday afternoon. She described Medlock as a quiet person with a big personality who loves to make others laugh.

Not only was he said to be fun to be around, he was a leader among students.

Crenshaw said the day was tough. Emotions ranged from happy to sad. Having to talk to students about what happened was difficult but it was a task she understood to the fullest.

We talked about the last memory Crenshaw has with Medlock.

“I remember Friday, very vividly, how he was playing at recess. And just how he was running up to people and they were playing a game. I remember even laughing at the joy that he had on his face,” she said.

Among them the many facets, the way Medlock carried himself.

“He was compassionate and kind, and a student that you wanted others to model themselves by,” according to Crenshaw.

His passion for education was unmatched, because he knew it was important.

We asked Crenshaw what Kye’s favorite subject was.

“Math, I was the one privileged to teach that,” she said.

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