Landrum woman fights back after attack

The Landrum Police Dept. is only a few feet away from the business where a woman was attacked Monday. (April 3, 2012/FOX Carolina)


police said they were called to a local business after a woman said two

men tried to rob and sexually assault her, but she scared them off when

she fired shots at them.

The sign on the door states "Closed until Thursday," but when an employee of Cakes and Confections 4U in Landrum walked out the back door to lock up, she said two men attacked her.

"Locked the door, took the key, locked the dead bolt and I turned around and two males were right on me," she said.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said one attacker punched her in the jaw and the other ripped off a necklace and tore earrings from her ears. But she said the attack didn't stop there.

"He pulled my shirt down which was a V-neck shirt, which exposed my breast," she said.

But what the two robbers didn't know is the employee also packs heat. She had a gun tucked in the back of her pants, one she recently decided to carry to work. So, she used it.

"So I didn't really have time to aim, I just fired and they ran. When they ran they screamed, 'Oh hell no,' and dropped the jewelry," she said.

She then ran to the Landrum Police Department, just feet away. She said her .32 caliber saved her life, and she has a message for women.

"If you don't have a gun or you're scared of guns, get familiar with them and get a gun," she said.

Police said a K-9 unit tracked a scent but lost it a few blocks away from the scene. They are also checking surveillance video from cameras at surrounding businesses to see if they can identify the two men.

Officers said the men were dressed in dark

clothes. One had a dark, straight-billed baseball cap with bull horns on

the front while the other was wearing a dark hoodie and dark baggy

cargo pants.

Nothing was stolen, according to the incident report. As of Tuesday, no arrests have been made in the case.

If you have any information. call the Landrum Police Department at 864-457-7281.

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