Anyone who takes a drive down West Main Street in Laurens at night might notice there's a lot more sparkle this holiday season.

"I just feel like when you're going down the street it just looks like happiness," said Todd.

Todd calls the feeling people get from the display of lit up trees the "magic of Christmas". Growing up in Columbia, SC she said her family's neighborhood placed trees in front of their driveways.

"I've always wanted to bring the same kind of magic to Laurens and I just decided why not? This is the perfect year to do it. So I wrote a letter and about a month ago to everybody on this street and I put it in everybody's mailbox and told them that this was something that I thought would be something wonderful for Laurens," said Todd.

The response was overwhelming. The idea sparked a neighborhood movement.

"I've been so proud my street. I mean I just go down the street and I just can't believe everybody is together on this, and it just makes me happy and I think everybody else is happy," said Todd.

The movement has also spread throughout town. Todd said there's at least 60 trees between West Main Street and other streets that heard about the letter.

"Some people have gone even further and decorated not only their trees but they decorated their house more and I just think it's a good way of showing pride of where you live," said Todd.

For her, the showing is not just a sign of the season, but also a display that the true meaning of Christmas is alive in Laurens.

"It's one of the reasons that I love Laurens because we are just one big family and we all care about each other and I think this shows that we care and that we want Christmas to be wonderful for children and for everybody," said Todd.

Todd said one of the best things about Laurens is it's rich history and she hopes this Christmas people will come experience the lights and take in all that the town has to offer.

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