GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - An Upstate woman is running for president as a libertarian and fighting for her spot on the debate stage.

There is a gathering planned for Sunday in Greenville and she'll be here to address the crowd.

She's on a bus tour right now and we talked about a few things from health care, the troops, mail in ballots and the debate stage. This Clemson Lecturer hopes to take her views against President Trump and Joe Biden.

Jo Jorgensen says she believe that, "the government is too big, bossy, too nosy, too intrusive, but the worst part is it usually hurts the very people they try to help."

Jorgensen clarified that the Libertarian Party doesn't believe in "identity politics," but she acknowledges that "there are women saying it’s time. We keep hearing the media say all we have is two rich guys running for office so some people see it as pretty much the only choice," Jo Jorgensen says.

Jorgensen hopes to take her views to the debate stage, where she believes the country should be given a choice between a Democrat, Republican and Libertarian.

There is a petition on that has more than 100K signatures in favor of her getting to debate President Trump and Joe Biden in the debate hosted by CNN. 

She believes, "Americans want to have a real alternative because what we have right now are basically #fakedebates."

She says "We have 2 people who go to want to increase spending, they both want to make your decisions for you and neither one wants to bring the troops home. They both want to be in endless wars. I am the only one saying let’s turn America into one giant Switzerland. Armed and neutral and defend America's shores. There is no reason why taxpayer dollars need to go overseas. "

She also believes in the mail in ballot process, but thinks it's time for changes to be made.

"I’m fine with the mail in ballot as long as we use FedEx," says Jorgensen, "I ran in '96 and we were talking about how we need to open it up instead of having a government monopoly and with all the problems, we have with the U.S. Postal Service, I’m not sure that we can rely on them."

As a senior Clemson lecturer, she made it clear that there is a clear line drawn between her work at the university and her run for the job as the Commander-in-Chief, but she will always rep her Tigers. 

"I’ve jokingly said I’d love to be in the White House so that after our tigers win the national championship. It would be me at the White House welcoming Dabo and the entire Clemson team," says Jorgensen.

This weekends event will be here at the Peace Center in Greenville on Sunday at 3:00pm. 

She spoke on health care as well saying, "when I hear Medicare for all, I think the VA hospital for all. Neither Democrats or the Republicans have come up with a free market solution."

She believes, "if we look towards Singapore, we do see a system that does work."

Jorgensen says she doesn't understand why politicians suggest that we model our health care after other countries that are "not working." She says it's "not working in Canada, it is not working in great Britain. How about we fashion our system after a system that actually works."

She also says that, "In the past, about 75% of our volunteers have been from outside the party system since the very beginning so that shows that people are looking for a real alternative and if they go to they can check us out."


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Joseph C. Moore [USN Ret.]

I've been a registered Libertarian for many years and have seen that the duopoly and media has convinced the general public that only an "r" or "d" can represent the country. How many times have I heard that I'm throwing my vote to the opposing party (r or d)? If Jo Jorgensen can make it to the debate stage (with equal time) against the duopoly there is a good chance of swaying many in the public. Government control has vastly overstepped its Constitutional bounds and needs to be trimmed of the extraneous goals that are unconstitutional. Our founding fathers were much wiser than the power hungry usurpers of today.


Nice to see Fox giving some air time to all candidates. All elligble candidates should be given access to the debates. #VoteGold #JoJo2020 #LetHerSpeak


The American people need another voice in the debates! #Jorgensen2020 #LetHerSpeak #ShesWithUs

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