Devonta Cornelius Lyles

Devonta Cornelius Lyles

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (FOX CAROLINA) -- On Friday, April 19th, Spartanburg County deputies responded to the intersection of Arcadia Street and Hayne Street, in reference to a suspicious vehicle. 

Dispatch notified the responding deputy that a silver Dodge Charger was backed partially into a section of payment off Arcadia Street. 

The officer approached the suspicious vehicle and observed a man sitting inside with his eyes closed and the engine running.

The deputy then began to knock on the window to get the driver's attention, but received no response.  The deputy could see the driver breathing. 

The deputy observed a Bud Light can in the hand of the driver accompanied with several empty cans outside of the vehicle and inside of the vehicle.

He also observed a case of Bud Light lying in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

The deputy attempted to open the vehicle's doors, but all were locked.

The deputy then began beating on the top of the vehicle to make more noise in attempt to awake the driver.

After several minutes, the driver became alert. The deputy instructed him to open the door to which he did not initially comply. While instructing the male to open the door, the driver proceeded to open another beer and begin to drink it.

Then the deputy observed the driver take the vehicle's key out of the ignition and unlock the door. He then instructed the driver to step out of the car. 

He complied and was placed in investigative detention. 

The deputy then transported the driver, who was identified as Devonta Cornelius Lyles, to the Spartanburg Detention Center.

Lyles was booked for disorderly conduct. 


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