Sanford and Bush

Sanford (left) and Bush (FILE)

CHARLESTON, SC (FOX Carolina) - Outgoing U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford (R, SC) shared a letter that Former President George H.W. Bush shared with Sanford’s youngest son.

Sanford shared a photo of the letter on Facebook Wednesday, following Bush’s funeral service in the National Cathedral.

Letter from Bush

(Source: Mark Sanford via Facebook)

The congressman and former South Carolina governor wrote:

“I was at the National Cathedral today for the funeral service for George Bush. It was inspiring in many different ways, given the very full life that our 41st President lived.

But may I tell you a more local story that I think says everything about the former president’s remarkable sense of duty and service?

Our second son, Landon, about a year ago decided to write a host of living legends in hope that they might offer him wisdom. His question to each of them was: what would you say to yourself at age 20 if you could indeed go back in time and give yourself wisdom?

Long story short is that the only legend to write back was former president H.W. Bush.

I have included a copy of that letter below.

It says everything about the class, decorum, humility, and compassion that marked the president’s service that he would respond as he did.

So many great things were said today. Jon Meacham began his eulogy telling the story of Bush as a young navy airman at the age of 20 being shot down and praying for deliverance. Those prayers were answered, and in many ways, the rest of President Bush’s life reflected his thanks for that deliverance and his service became part of his own answer to the question any survivor asks himself: why was I spared when others were not?

The former Prime Minister of Canada, former Senator Simpson, and Reverend Russell J. Levinson Jr. spoke eloquently on President Bush’s remarkable legacy of service.

Former President W. Bush gave a spectacular eulogy on his life and service, and I thought so much of it that I will include it in the Friday post later this week….

But what I was struck by today was the way that those great words matched perfectly with the simple letter this former president had sent my son in March of this year. It is a reminder again of how the little things in life can be reflections of the great things that were celebrated on a day like today, and how those little things can make such a big difference in others’ lives.”

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