Greenville Police Officer Ryan Weeks can swing K9 Leo all over the place and his jaw never loosens.

"They're trained to bite and they're trained to hold on to that bite," said Officer Weeks.

On Sunday morning when Officer Weeks and Leo responded to Laurens Road, where a call for an armed robbery led to a standoff with officers, Leo put his training to the test.

"When I got on scene I realized the actual severity because there were officers taking cover behind cars and they had weapons drawn just in case the worst would have happened," said Officer Weeks.

Police said inside the old Printmasters building two men, Chris Bridwell and Chad Peek, held up a man. Officers called for the suspects to come out, but only Bridwell came out. Police said Peek holed up inside, armed with a gun. So Leo joined a team of officers and went in for him.

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"At that point it was determined that the safest option for everybody involved was to utilize K9 Leo to go in and apprehend the suspect and bring the suspect to us," said Officer Weeks.

Leo used his bite to bring Peek out without injuring him and without officers using their weapons.

"With all of the officers on scene and given Leo's natural abilities we were able to take a potentially very dangerous situation to an end, relatively safely," said Officer Weeks.

Officer Weeks said Sunday's scene reminded him how lucky he is to have a partner like Leo watching his and his fellow officers' back.

"When we can utilize a tool such as a police k9 to go in and make these situations safer so we can all go home to our families, it's a much better day," said Officer Weeks.

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