Dress Code Violation in Jeans

Source: Lori Orr

LAURENS, S.C. (FOX CAROLINA) The mother of a Laurens Middle School student has taken to social media to express her thoughts on the school district's enforcement of dress code. 

Monday morning, Lori Orr said her 11-year-old son, Ethan, was sent home from school for violating dress code. 

She received a call around 8 a.m. asking her to bring him different pants, or he'd have to go home. Because she didn't have anything clean or suitable to bring, Ethan missed a whole day of classes.  

Orr made a post on Facebook detailing the event. The post shows a white spot on the back right leg of Ethan's jeans- resembling a thinner part of material. 

Orr went on to say that Ethan has been written up frequently for these sort of violations. 

"He's been getting written up every week for this. For holes that are so tiny that NO ONE NOTICES except for the school. I don't get it! The shorts he wore in August and some of September showed more than any hole could!" Orr wrote in the post. 

She took her concerns to the school. The principal of Laurens Middle told her the staff conducts daily dress code inspections. She said if they turned a blind eye to Ethan's clothes they'd have to do the same for everyone. 

Dr. Peters, the district superintendent, spoke with Orr Tuesday. 

The district also responded to the incident: 

"Dress code policies are a standard element of school behavioral expectations. If a teacher has a dress code concern, it is not unusual for a student to be sent to the office to help resolve the issue. This is typically done quietly and discreetly. Both Principal Anna Brink and Superintendent Dr. Stephen G. Peters have spoken with the parent in this situation and we are working with the parent to ensure any concerns are addressed. "We consider parents to be our partners in the education of the whole child in Laurens County School District 55," says Peters, "and we are always happy to discuss any questions or concerns a parent may have."'

Orr said she and her husband would like to discuss amendments to the dress code with district officials. 

She pointed out that not all families have the means to provide new clothes for their children.  

"I DO NOT have the money to go buy my kids a whole new wardrobe every month or two bc they might get a tiny hole or tear or blemish on their clothing," Orr said in her post. 

Ethan went to school on Tuesday without incident, but Lori still wants to talk to district officials on amending the dress code, and end inspections. 

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The well fed status of mother and son belies claims of neediness. Send your child to school in clean, neat clothing. Clean, neat clothing is not expensive. Poor parenting is what causes a child to feel embarrassed in school. Send them to school as policy dictates and spare them the embarrassment. If too helpless to do so, surrender custody to a person who will attend to their needs.


If I put a hole in my clothes, my mom would cut my rear and this mom blames the school. I have seen the pics of the shirts with holes and they are about the size of a quarter. So, hit Goodwill, get some clothes without holes, make the kid take better care of his clothes, & stop embarassing yourself.

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