GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - Modal, a new hostel is open for business in Greenville.

It has a very modern style and also highlights local artists and businesses in many aspects of this operation.

Their mission is too bring people together from all over.

Most only associate hostels or communal living spaces with travelers who backpack across the world to learn about places far away.

Right here on Augusta street, the owner hopes to help connect people from all over with all types of Upstate gems that you might not know are right under your nose.

Whether you are traveling 20,000 miles or 20, this new hostel in Greenville hopes you'll open your mind to the idea of a hostel or communal living space.

New hostel hotel opens in Greenville

New hostel hotel opens in Greenville

Joe Hindman says the goal is, "to bring people groups of different interests diversities, ethnicities and all of that together in one place so that the domestic traveler can meet the local traveler or like minded individual and really share an experience together."

Modal has bunk beds, pods, and even some separate rooms, if you aren't ok with sharing a sleeping area.

Hindman says that this space can be used for a "staycation, birthday parties, adult slumber parties." He says, "whatever you can dream up ,we would be happy to have you."

Hindman says says all have been modified to fit COVID-19 regulations, but even after that, safety will always be a top priority.

"Cleanliness and safety is always on someone’s mind when they think about the idea of sharing a room with potential strangers," Hindman says.

In the shared spaces, almost everything you see or touch is made by a local business owner or artist.

Down to the coffee you might drink or the curtains on each pod that give you a little privacy, most of it made right here in the upstate.

He says, "specially right now we want to give as much visibility to the small business owner into the creative. That is their source of income so they are looking for unique ways to showcase their art or find employment and as a small business, that’s our goal to continue to support those other local small businesses."

The common area is open as a coffee shop and there is an art gallery inside as well with a lot of local pieces by kym day for sale.

They hope to host more events to show off more local artwork in the future as well.

Hindman says, "as a small business owner, [I] encourage you to support local, we are not going to make it through these challenging times, if we don’t get the support of our local community. Even though I am a business built on hospitality, travel and tourism, it really makes a difference when the locals realize that those of us, built in different industries, need the support from the local community."

New hostel hotel opens in Greenville

New hostel hotel opens in Greenville

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