Mom's sweet post of son's encounter with officer goes viral

Wyatt Davis. (Source: Fox Carolina)

For four year-old Wyatt Davis, his mind goes a mile a minute. "There's a pond right there," said Wyatt while exploring at Lake Cunningham in Greer. But as the cute pre-schooler was easily distracted by the scenery, he can't forget what happened after his family pulled up to a terrible fire at ATV Outfitters on Wade Hampton Boulevard last week.

"He knelt down and he told Wyatt, you were being so good over there, he said are you watching those guys over there? They're firefighters, they're heroes," said Wyatt's mom, Kristie Davis.

Davis said she patted the officer on his back and told him he was a hero too, he then walked back to his car and had a surprise for Wyatt. "He had a role of stickers and he came over and he said because you were so good today, he said I wanna give you this badge so that you can be an honorary police officer," said Davis.

Wyatt now wears his badge proudly above his heart. His mom said she posted what happened to Facebook in light of recent of events.The Facebook page, "Love what Matters" picked up the post and it's been liked nearly eight thousand times, and shared by 500 people.

"As a mom, I want him to have everything that I had... and it's just scary to see what's going on," said Davis. She said after the post gained more attention the wife of a firefighter from the Wade Hampton station told her, Wyatt could come by, check out the fire trucks, try on the gear, and meet the firefighters.

Davis said both experiences allowed her son to see all the good our first responders do for their communities.

"These people put their lives on the line for us and it's just overwhelming. And it is the good that you should see, because there's a lot more good then their is bad."

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