GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX CAROLINA) --  My mom is the air, the air that has allowed me to breathe without her. Because without her, without her, it’s very hard to do life - it really is."

19 years ago, a 911 call from the lobby of Greenville County motel took the air right out of a family.

"The body of Miss Pendarvis was found laying outside from behind the counter. On the floor. Covered in blood, there was blood- investigators recall having blood be all over the whole front lobby. Scattered on the windows - on doors all throughout," Lt. Ryan Flood said. 

It was early morning, March 20, 2000 when investigators say Susan Pendarvis went to work at the Microtell Inn off interstate 85 and was stabbed countless times. 

"She had defensive wounds, there was evidence that Ms. Pendarvis fought off the attacker," Lt. Flood said. 

Surveillance cameras covered the building, but investigators found the VHS tapes were never replenished. 

"It went cold pretty quick because there just wasn't enough to go off of. Deputies said they are sifting their this case file to see if any DNA can be re-submitted. They say there's a possibility a suspect's blood was mixed in with Susan's. 

"I put her name in my shoes, I wear the number 32, because that's the age she was when she died," Bryan Pendarvis said. 

Bryan was just 10 years old, his brother Marcus, 9, and Allen, 8, when their 32 year-old mother died fighting back.  Bryan said he remembers both of his parents working the nightshift job. He explained he and his brothers occasionally slept in the hotel, just feet away from their mother. 

"I remember that night being strange because we went to spend the night at my first grade teacher’s house. We’ve never done that," Bryan Pendarvis said. 

"She used to sing us awake every morning, and she had this one song about getting up and going to school, I just remember dreading hearing it, I loved hearing my mothers voice, but I hated hearing that song. I just remember craving to hear that song just one more time," Marcus said. 

The brothers said music filled their lives, because of their mother's voice unknowingly filling their souls.

"We would take turns on the piano and just sing together. It was just so beautiful. You couldn’t help but feel the love, you couldn’t be angry, you couldn’t be upset, the love in that room was just powerful. Then after my mother’s stops.”

Without their mother, without an arrest to this day, 

March 20, 2000 is the day their music died. 

Bryan still keeps his mother's driver's license in his wallet, her scarf is her room but it's more than just objects these brothers cling to that keeps her essence alive. 

"Every time we come back together, I see more and more of her,  remember more and more about her through them," Marcus Pendarvis said. 

Susan Pendarivs is the mother who continued to raise her sons with the love and strength she left behind. 

"I had the best mother, period, period," Bryan Pendarvis said. 

Investigators are sifting through this case file and re-examining DNA evidence, hoping it will lead to a cold case arrest. 

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