Gus the mule

A Pickens County mule was shot and later died from it's injuries (Courtesy: Owners)

PICKENS COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) - A Pickens County family is devastated after finding their beloved mule had been shot. They said it happened late Thursday night. They were at home when they heard two gunshots.

The Brown family said they raced outside to find their mule, Gus, seriously injured.
"We went out and we found him in the pasture and he wasn't walking at all on his back leg," said Stephanie Brown.
She said he had been shot and hours later, he died. It devastated Brown who said Gus was part of their family.
"I wanted a mule forever and a year and a half ago I happened to see him on a kill pen site," she said. "So he had already gone through so much in his life."
She said he just looked like a Gus and the name quickly stuck because of his big personality.
"If we were outside or you'd pull up the driveway he would just bray at you," Brown said. "He was always so sweet, having been through everything obviously. He would just walk over and just wanted to be loved on."
Even in his last hours she said Gus just laid in her arms.
"Waiting on the vet to come, all he wanted to do was be loved on," she said. "For somebody to do this to something that's so innocent and loving is just, it's such a senseless act."
She feels targeted saying Gus would be nearly impossible to see from the road at night because he was all black.
"Somebody would have had to know he was in our pasture and where to find him," Brown said.
She wants justice so she's made a GoFundMe page hoping to raise awareness.
"I think that with the right amount of money then we can get someone to talk and get this stopped so nobody else has to go through what we've been through," she said.

Brown believes this could be connected to the recent string of horse attacks that have been reported from all over the Upstate, so she's also started up a Facebook fundraiser called "Justice for Horses".  

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