Teachers, businesses spreading magic across the Upstate

ANDERSON, SC (FOX Carolina) - A local teacher is partnering with local businesses in Anderson in hopes of spreading magic through small acts of kindness across the upstate. 

"There was a movement that started on Facebook where teachers posted their wish list and outside donors would purchase some things for their classrooms and teacher started randomly gifting one another and one person gifted someone else who then share that love with someone else and it just kind of a evolved."

It started on social media and we all know how powerful a facebook post can be and it's leading to teachers being randomly gifted items for their classrooms.  

The teacher we spoke with says we get "a check from the state which is phenomenal with that money only goes so far. When you are extra like myself, I want to make magic happen everyday."

Smoore Designs and Arnolds Famous Burgers are just two businesses who are doing what they can to support these two teachers Maghan Churchill and Erin Wood. They just want to help other teachers and their students have the best year possible. 

"We decided we wanted to spread magic in the upstate," says Maghan Churchill.
Spreading magic and kindness is what teachers across the nation have been doing all while using Facebook. They share their Amazon wish list and then... their wish might just come true. 
Maghan is a 3rd grad teacher at Nevitt Forest Elementary says, "my six grade teacher and then a teacher that I student taught with she teaches in Anderson 5 she sent me items and it is just amazing to get a gift from someone in Arizona that I don’t even know or Washington that I’ve never met and they are spreading kindness in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, but social media is making it possible and it feels good."
On Facebook, there are now pages where teachers are both encouraging each other as well and it's a tangible way to show their kids the power of small acts of kindness. 
"We ask our children to be kind to others and to spread random acts of kindness daily so why not do it with other teachers. It comes with every item so for all the read aloud’s that I have gotten I would have been able to tape the note inside of them so my kids will see this random teacher from Texas gave us this read aloud," says Churchill.
Local businesses like Smoore Design and Arnolds Burgers are donating giveaway items for a meet and greet that Maghan and another teacher are hosting in hopes of bringing teachers together and making sure they leave with some type of token of appreciation. 
Stephanie Irvy, the Owner of Smoore Designs in Anderson, says, "There’s a big movement right now with the teachers and not getting paid enough and having such limited resources to get all the things that they need and this is a way that they can have fun for themselves. It’s like happy wife happy life… Happy teachers, happy children. Haha"
The meet and greet will be in downtown Greenville on Monday at Spill the Beans. Churchill says that this event is to "make those connections and to just find those people to add to our tribe so that we can continue to spread the magic in our classroom."
That teacher appreciate sip and shop will be next Thursday here at Smoore Designs from 5:00-7:30.  There address is 2710 North Main, Anderson, SC 29621.
Teachers will get 20% off.  

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Did anyone proof read this article before publishing it? I can't make a bit of sense out of it. Maybe the video is suppose to explain it but it doesn't work.

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