Crash on Old Pelzer Road

Officials respond to crash on Old Pelzer Road in Greenville County (FOX CAROLINA/ Sept. 15, 2021). 

PIEDMONT, SC (FOX Carolina) - Neighbors along a Greenville County road are pleading for drivers to slow down after they say another fatal crash happened on the stretch this past week.

They're talking about Old Pelzer Road, where a crash on Wednesday evening left one person dead and three others injured.

Neighbors say they have seen more tragedies than they want.

Since 1989, Michelle Edge has lived on Old Pelzer Road and says the erratic driving and speeding has never been worse outside her house.

"It's just unbelievable with the high speed that they're doing on this road," she said.

The same goes for Anthony Wilson, who lives a mile away from Edge also on Old Pelzer Road.

"Tremendous change in traffic and speed because of the area and the area, of course, is growing. But being here all of my life, man, it's been a whole lot more cars," said Wilson.

Wilson tells FOX Carolina he has seen at least three deadly crashes outside his home over the past few years, including one this past week.

Both Edge and Wilson are hoping changes in the form of more law enforcement patrol in the area, added speed limit signs, and more can happen to help slow people down.

"Think about their very own families, think about it is the danger of losing a loved one and being able to have to explain that. So all of just being able to slow down," said Wilson.

"I just need some help out here to get this road contained or something, I really do before it comes to one of my grandbabies or even myself," added Edge.

Old Pelzer Road is maintained by SCDOT.

For more on their traffic calming guidelines, which are used to reduce speed and volume of traffic, click here.

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