Attempted car break-in in Simpsonville

Amanda Holland says she was shocked when footage from her driveway security camera showed two people trying to get into her locked truck in the early morning hours of May 6th.

SIMPSONVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - Amanda Holland says she got back to her Remington Ridge home from the gym early Thursday morning, when she noticed her across the street neighbors had their car doors wide-open in the driveway.

“They asked if my camera had picked up anything, and said that their car had been broken into," Holland told Fox Carolina.
She went back to look at her footage, and although she didn’t catch her neighbors’ thief, she says she was shocked to see photos of two people trying to get into her locked truck.
“It’s just kind of leaves you feeling a little violated," she said.
Holland says she posted in a neighborhood Facebook group of other Simpsonville residents. That’s when the reaction started pouring in.
“Everybody was just kind of like, ‘oh my god my car was broken into, and this was attempted, and this one too.’ It was just kind of all over the place," said Holland.
Far from an isolated incident, we followed up with Greenville County deputies, who confirmed they are looking into a couple separate events all happening late Wednesday night to see if there is a link.
“We are a quiet neighborhood and there isn’t much traffic here," said Curtis Stutzman, neighbors with another man in nearby Leafmore Woods, who told us he and his wife spotted people trying to get into their locked vehicles the same night Holland did.
Stutzman says he hasn’t reviewed all of his footage yet, but that you can clearly see someone standing next to his truck in a freeze frame of his security cam footage. He says he’s currently assisting GCSO deputies as well.
“With mine, I have motion detectors in the driveway turn into spotlights," he explained, talking about his camera that caught people in his driveway red-handed.
Both Curtis and Amanda say they are adjusting the equipment they have, and considering purchasing new technology in light of all of these attempted break-ins.
“I was able to change the video quality; I’ve changed it to record voices," Holland remarked.
She and Stutzman have some advice for their fellow neighbors in the meantime.
“I would suggest everyone lock their doors and keep themselves secure," he said.
Officials are encouraging anyone with information to come forward and contact the Greenville County Sheriffs Office. They say you should avoid leaving your doors unlocked, or leaving any items of value, particularly technology or firearms, inside cars.

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