New device keeps Upstate officers safe during opioid epidemic


Greenville Police now have a new device to keep officers safe in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

"The past few years we've seen the opioid epidemic continue to worsen," Greenville Police Lt. Jason Rampey said.

Those trying to combat the problem could be most at risk. Law enforcement is increasingly exposed to dangerous opioids like fentanyl and the deadly street drug known as "pink", according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Greenville Police have added an extra layer of protection for officers in the field with a device called the TruNarc Analyzer.

The device screens through sealed packages of suspected drugs. It then analyzes and screens for more than 400 legal and illegal drugs in a matter of seconds without exposing the officer to the potentially dangerous substance.

"In the field you would come across a package of a white substance and that's all you know it is," Lt. Rampey said, "And the ability to test these substances without removing them from the package is vital."

The device tells the officer if the substance is something as simple as ibuprofen or as dangerous as fentanyl. Lt. Rampey said officers never know what they will come in contact with and this device protects them from something that could turn lethal.

"You can expose that officer to whatever is in the package," Rampey said, "These are just minute particles, but even a trace amount can be fatal to the officer."Greenville Police have two TruNarc devices that are available to any officer that needs to use them.

Find out more about the TruNarc Analyzer here.

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