New phone scam hitting Greenwood and Laurens County residents

Candace Cannady. (4/10/18 FOX Carolina)

Laurens County resident Candace Cannady doesn't normally answer strange calls. However, she received a phone call Tuesday morning that caught her eye.

"Woke up and saw that my phone number had called myself.” Said Cannady. “It said 'maybe Candace Cannady.' If I was awake, I probably would have answered the phone just to see what's on the other end."

According to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, a scam would have been waiting for Cannady. It works like this, someone pretends to call from your own number. Then they say something along the lines of your account has been flagged for security reasons.

Next, they ask you to enter the last four digits of your social security number. That's how they gain access to some of your personal information.

"Being so surprised by getting a phone call from yourself,” explained Cannady, “Commonsense would have left me and I may have given out personal information."

Sheriff Don Reynolds says Cannady isn't the only resident to be targeted by these scammers. He urges people just not to answer their own number or unknown numbers.

"A good handful of people have been contacted.” Said Sheriff Reynolds, “There have been unfortunately two to three that have lost money over this."

As for Cannday, she says it’s just another reason to click ignore.

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