(FOX Carolina) South Carolina has made a top 10 list once again, but it's not one to be proud of.

The 2018 report done by the South Carolina Domestic Violence Advisory Committee states The Palmetto state is among the top in the nation for deadly domestic violence.

It shows the state ranking No. 6 out of 10.

Lynn Hawkins, Safe Homes executive director said for three years, the state sat at No. 1, so while there is progress, there is still a lot of work that has to be done.

"We had a woman that was murdered outside of the shelter, that was a horrible case. He waited until the child got on the bus. He shot her down the street and left her body on the side of the road," Hawkins said.

The report shows women killed by men in the state of South Carolina is over twice the national average.

Hawkins said Safe Homes in Spartanburg has helped more than 5800 victims of domestic violence in 2018, and have sheltered more than 350.

Representative Anne Thayer weighed in on the new report. She is a leader on the committee and has helped create a task force in Anderson County honing in on problems specific to the area.

She said there are now stiffer penalties for accusers; for example if someone blocks a victim from getting to the phone, Thayer said they will be held to a higher degree in court.

"I think holding to go accountable is what we can do most consistently to make a difference. If you had law enforcement arrest when there is domestic violence, if you have a solicitor prosecute domestic violence, you have a better chance of making a lasting difference," Hawkins said.

Both women said it comes down to lack of education and not holding offenders accountable.

Hawkins said if a woman or her children feel trapped, they call their 24/hour hotline: (864) 583-9803

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