New left hand lane law

A new law would penalize drivers who drive too slowly in the left hand lane. Pictured: Evening commuters on I-85 near the busy Pelham Road exit (exit 54). 

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - A new law going into effect in 10 days might finally put an end that slow driver in front of you on the left-hand side of the highway.

House bill H.3011 would penalize people who drive too slowly in the left-hand lane on interstates.

Kenneth Binder says he’s all for a new law that would tell slower drivers to speed it up – or move over.

“I think it’s a good idea," he told FOX Carolina.

He says especially after work, it’s something he notices happening all the time.

“Many times, there’s people just kind of hanging all the way over to the left side on I-85," he said. “And I think it kind of congests things. It’s annoying. You are sitting there and you want to move quicker."

The law says SCDOT must put signs on highways, telling slower drivers to move over to the right. Anyone who doesn’t get on board with that can be stopped by law enforcement and given a penalty for violating this new law, which could be a small fine or warning.

“It does bug me when I get into the left lane and there’s someone slow, because it is supposed to be for passing," said Colin King. “I don’t know if I would go as far as to ticket someone for it, but I could see why they would make a law like this."

But there’s also good news on that front. FOX Carolina found the law also states that a violation like this would not go on your permanent criminal or vehicle record. The law also says that insurance companies cannot penalize you for violating it.

“Especially when someone is doing 5 or 10 mph under, that’s really annoying," King added.

He and Binder both say: in that case, they are all for getting slowpokes to speed up, and think it could actually end up making the roads in the state safer in the longrun.

“A lot of highways in South Carolina are two lanes," King said, “so if the left lane isn’t open, and two cars are blocking the whole highway, it’s going to be a pretty bad situation for the traffic behind."

It’s also important to note: there is specific language in this new law that prohibits police from searching or seizing things in your vehicle if you are stopped for violating it. That means that if this happens to you when you are stopped for going to slow on the left, nothing can be used against you if this is your only violation.

The new law goes into effect August 15th. 

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Months later the headline will read. Tickets for speeding in left hand lane rise as drivers try to get to their destinations faster. This is nothing more than a trap for the highway patrol to make it easier to target speeders


Trap? No, it’s for the idiots that hang in the left hand lane and are too dumb to move over!

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