Newberry Co. Sheriff's Office issues advisory regarding frozen bodies of water

Frozen pond. (AP/file)

The Newberry County Sheriff's Office is reminding the community to take caution as temperatures remain below or at freezing, and many bodies of water have begun to ice over.

The Sheriff's Office said though it may be tempting to walk or skate on what appears to be frozen ponds, pools and streams, they advise otherwise noting that there may be thinner sections of the ice that could crack and cause a person to fall and slip underneath the ice.

Here is the full release from the Sheriff's Office:"With temperature remaining below or at freezing, many bodies of water have begun to ice over. This poses a significant danger to those that attempt to walk or skate.Although the ice may be thick enough to support weight, ice does not freeze uniformly. There may be thinner sections that could crack and cause a person to fall into the water or slip underneath the sheet of ice. Falling under ice can cause an in ability to return to the opening due to the hazards of cold water on the body. Falling into freezing water can also cause hypothermia or an extreme loss of body heat. Only a short time in water close to freezing is extremely dangerous, resulting in the reduction of mobility and serious health hazards.Running water, such as streams and rivers, offer additional dangers. The surface may appear frozen, but the water underneath is moving, which causes less uniform depth in the ice. If one should fall in moving water, they could be carried under the ice sheet to a place that may be impossible to extricate oneself. In addition to the effects of hypothermia will be rapid.Freezing temperatures are expected for several more days and the ice on water will exist. Please use extreme caution when being around ice covered water."Here is the latest forecast:

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