Lavish Lounge shooting

Ten people were shot, two died, after a shooting at Lavish Lounge in Greenville County in the early hours of July 5, 2020. 

Lawsuits have been filed after the club shooting that took place during a concert, killing 2 and wounding several others.

Greenville, SC (FOX Carolina) - The estate of shooting victim Mykala Bell, killed in the Lavish Lounge Nightclub shooting in early July, has filed a lawsuit.

Mykala Bell was one of ten people shot that night. Bell died of her injuries, leaving two young children behind. She was 23-years-old.

Mykala Bell

Mykala Bell, a young mother of two, was tragically shot and killed during a large shooting at Lavish Lounge on White Horse Road in Greenville County in the early hours of July 5, 2020. 

Now, her estate is looking to hold those they believe are to blame responsible for a series of actions that led to her death.

"What we have here is a very tragic situation that left two young children without a mother. A preventable situation," said Daniel Dalton, the attorney for Bell's estate.

The lawsuit, dated August 31, names multiple defendants including WHR Social Club doing business as Lavish Ultralounge, the club's owner Rommie Khalil, Kwane Brown aka Foogiano, Jarquez Cooper a member of Foogiano's entourage and suspected promoter Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane. Also named in the lawsuit is Sierra Six Safety and Security, the firm providing security at the venue and 1-10 unspecified, additional defendants.

The lawsuit alleges that on the night of July 4, morning of July 5, hundreds of people gathered at the club to see Foogiano perform.

That night, the lawsuit claims neither Foogiano nor his entourage were patted down or searched for weapons, and as a result dangerous persons were permitted inside the club with deadly weapons.

The estate for Mykala Bell alleges around 2 a.m. on July 5, an altercation broke out on the stage during which multiple shots were fired, at which time Bell tried to escape but was unlawfully restrained, caught in the crossfire, shot and killed.

Jarquez Cooper new mug

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office announced Jarquez Kezavion Cooper, of Athens, Georgia, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and seven counts of attempted murder in connection to the deadly shooting at Lavish Lounge on July 5, 2020. 

According to the lawsuit, the suspected shooter, Jarquez Cooper, part of Foogiano's entourage, was "acting at all times within the course and scope of his duties for Defendant Brown and other Defendants". Cooper has been charged with two counts of murder, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and seven counts of attempted murder. 

The lawsuit alleges the defendants are liable for Mykala's pain, suffering, and death and is seeking damages for suffering endured by Mykala prior to her death.

In addition, the estate of Mykala Bell is seeking reasonable and fair value of the funeral and burial expenses and punitive damages to be determined by a jury.

We reached out a spokesperson for Gucci Mane and the label that represents Foogiano and have yet to receive a comment.

In addition, we reached out to Sierra Six Safety and Security. We spoke with a representative of the company but were told at this time they don't have a statement.

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