North American Rescue prepares Jacob kits, panels for bulletproof bookbags

North American Rescue prepares Jacob kits, panels for bulletproof bookbags. (FOX Carolina/ March 9, 2018)

When shots rang out in the hallways of a high school in Parkland, Florida, a gunman shot and killed 17 people.

"We just want to provide life-saving solutions," Anthony Horton said.

He says it's a situation that's becoming too common.

"It is disturbing," he said.

He's the director of fire and EMS programs at North American Rescue in Greenville. It's a company that provides critical medical products to law enforcement, the military, EMS, and hospitals.

"Make sure people are prepared," Horton said.

Since the Parkland, Florida shooting there are requests for bulletproof bookbags. The panel, which is placed inside the bookbag is similar to one used in bulletproof vests for police.

"It's a threat level 3A ballistic panel, a soft armor-panel and it's certified to stop hand gun rounds and shot gun pellet penetration," Horton said.

That means it won't stop rounds form a rifle, like an AR-15, but Horton says it gives someone who is a target, a chance.

"If you're in an active assailant or active shooter, type situation, you would actually just pull that around to the front of you and use it as a shield to protect your vital organs," he said.

Those who work with North American Rescue also put together Jacob Kits, in honor of Jacob Hall, the 6-year-old shot and killed at Townville Elementary School. Inside the kit is a tourniquet used to stop a bleed.

"What that tourniquet does is takes the muscle and fat that's in our extremities and compresses that artery or vein up against the bones of our extremities," Horton said.

There's also a pressure dressing, gauze, and gloves in the kit.

"There's instructions, step-by-step instructions," he said.

There's a proposed bill that could put Jacob Kits in schools throughout the state.

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